BuddyWay is a free GPS cell phone tracking software that will enable any mobile phone or PDA with a built-in GPS to turn it into a GPS tracking device.  It is a pretty full featured service geared toward people who love to take the road trip.  The fact that it is targeted at people who are going to be hitting the road one has to look no farther than the About page of this free GPS cell phone tracker.  It reads, “Going on a trip?  Meeting your friends?  Do you want to save your memories?  Do you want to show others where you’ve been lately?  You’ve came to the right place!”  If that does not say that this is meant for people looking to use their cell phone to track and record their road trips, I do not know what would!

Here is a list of some of BuddyWays features:

  • Track any GPS-enabled phone or PDA in real-time online.
  • Save trips to look at later and relive all the glorious road trip moments.
  • BuddyWay allows you to share the trips with other people or to keep them to yourself.
  • Record special locations on your phone and make comments about them in real time for your followers, family, or friends back home to see directly from your mobile device.
  • Visualize your previous trips in 3-D on Google Earth with an easy import and save feature.
  • Record and view trip metrics and graphs such as trip duration, trip length, average and maximum speed, changes in your altitude, etc.
  • Setup geofence alerts that will notify you of upcoming areas of interest that you set.

This set of features is obvious geared to those who travel extensively or who are making some type of life-event journey like backpacking through Europe or taking a coast to coast trip in the United States.  I mean the possibilities for fun are pretty extensive.

BuddyWay Free GPS Cell Phone Tracking And Europe

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make a detailed log of all the places you go and all the things that you see on a trip to Europe?  Well, that can be made possible with this cell phone tracking software.  It might look something like this.  You and a small group of friends decide that you want to go to Europe together to do some back packing.  You’ll go all over the place, but you really want to hit up the the British Isles and the Continent.  In fact, you have several things that you desperately want to see and a host of other things that you would not mind seeing if your journeys take you in that direction.

You hear about GPS cell phone tracking and how it can be used with pretty much any cell phone these days and you decide to give it a once over to see what all the hoopla is about.  Almost immediately you are smitten by the idea and want to get the absolute best software so that you can make a detailed history of your trip as well as share your adventures with friends and family back home.  You also want to stay safe and secure and be able to let your friends on the trip with you know where you are at at any given moment so that you can help each other out if it is necessary or hook up to catch some cool art in a museum.

Several cell phone trackers creep up your list but you finally decided that you want to go with the free GPS cell phone tracking software from BuddyWay since it offers some interesting features that you want to take advantage of.  In particular, you like that you can set up alerts for when you approach areas of interest that you get to define yourself.  Before you even go on your trip you make a list of all the different things that you would love to be able to see or do while in that city.  You then decide which places or sites are worthy of setting up an alert for – like the Eiffel tower, or an awesome restaurant overlooking the Venetian waterways; it doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it interests you.  Setting these alerts up before hand will give you the freedom as you are traveling about a city to stop at little side excursions that will interest you whenever you feel like it.

Another benefit to using a traveler friendly GPS cell phone tracking software is that it lets you make comments about your trip from your phone.  As you are standing in the Alps watching the sun set in a bedazzling array of colors you can snap photos and breath it all in.  Then, when the sun drops below the horizon and the deep purple of dusk fades into the star speckled black of night you can take out your cell phone and mark the spot where your heart jumped for joy at the resplendent beauty of God’s creation.

Or, as you walk through the old, worn down streets of some ancient city you found yourself struck by the weight of history and sense a profound change in your soul you can sit and stew in the wonder that is humanity.  After the moment has passed, you can make a not of your spot, maybe take a picture, and make a brief comment about what when on in your BuddyWay software.

As you make all these little notes your family and friends get to experience your journey and grow with you as these experiences gradually change the way you think about the world around you.  They will get to taste what you see and feel what you hear as you share it all with them.  This is the power of GPS cell phone tracking technology when used appropriately and safely.

BuddyWay will also allow you to stay connected with your group of friends on the trip with you.  It might come in handy when there are different places that people want to go in a specific city.  Maybe some want to go to museums, while others want to get a feel for the city by walking the streets and eating in local restaurants, and others still want to hit up some happening bars and clubs.  As all three go about their way if something particularly interesting comes up they can quickly share it with their friends and let them know where the action is at on their cell phones with little or no effort.  Finding them is even a cinch since they know exactly where they are thanks to the mobile phone tracking they are using.

Finally, once the trip is over and done you can relive it all by downloading your travel onto Google Earth and play it back for yourself, your travel companions, your family, and your friends for all to experience exactly what you saw.  This will put all the old boring slide shows of yesteryear far behind you as you walk your family around the city that you experienced.  You can be their virtual tour guide through the ups and downs and ins and outs of your journey.  Nothing will be missed.

Free GPS cell phone trackers like BuddyWay provide a great service to travelers of all interest levels and experience.  Anyone can benefit from being able to review their trips with a host of information at their disposal.  While BuddyWay may not be the most social of all the free trackers out there for cell phones, it does provide an excellent product for the traveler market.  Anyone interested in what their travels look like should definitely give BuddyWay a shot at being their GPS tracking software for their cell phone.  It really is that good.

You can learn more about this cell phone tracker here: BuddyWay

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