We have been posting some information here about free GPS cell phone trackers that are being offered by various companies out there.  First, we took a look at the Google Latitude.  This free bit of software works in a Google Maps interface and is among one of the best social tracking applications for cell phones out there.  After that, we took a look at BuddWay – a travelers best friend when it comes to free cell phone tracking software.  This little piece of software is ideal for these globe trotters because it enables them to interact with their travels in a real and useful way sharing their data with friends and relatives while editing it all in real time from their own phone.

In our quest to find more free tracking software we came across a GPS cell phone tracker gag that gave us a little smirk.  The site is at the top of the search engines for a few different searches related to cell phone tracking and we’ll take a look at this gag in a little bit deeper detail below.

About the Gag

If you go to Google and type in “GPS cell phone tracking” into the search parameters you will find a link at the very top of the results to a site with the following description:

Mobile phone tracking

Satellite Tracking GSM mobile phone tracking system via the GPS – TRACK satellite network. Based on repeater triangulation, the system tracks mobile phones …

To the average person doing a search in Google this looks totally legit.  Most people are going to click on this link and see the following website:

What few people will notice is that the url that they clicked on in Google has automatically redirected to a new url as seen in their browsers address bar.    What they see is what looks like an official site of some GPS tracking company.  As one reads more and more of the text on the page they will be convinced that this is in fact a company that can provide tracking for cell phones.

All it seems like a user needs to do is enter a phone number into the search box and they will be able to use the website as a cell phone tracker.  While the site does not come out and say that it is really a mobile tracker, it certainly does not let you know that the whole thing is a gag either.  They make statements about how the website is not responsible for “abuse by the user” – implying that a user could abuse the mobile tracker available on the website.  In order to abuse it, the tracker has to work.  And in order for the tracker to work the different claims on the website have to be true.

If one believes the implications on the page they will enter a cell phone number.  What follows is some clever animation that is supposed to give the user the impression that they are using a GPS cell phone tracker.  You are told that the GPS is initializing and getting a lock on the cell phone.  You are then shown a satellite image of a city which zooms in several times revealing a small neighborhood.  The final image is a pixelated image of a man and woman in a hot tube.

The gag ends by redirecting you to a page with some not very useful information about GPS and GPS tracking.

So instead of getting cell phone tracking for free you end up getting a whole lot of nothing.  Maybe you get  a little smirk for buying into the hype or forum post that sent you there, but that is it.

I know that for me, the first time I got to the site I was a little skeptical.  I wondered if they would take the number that I put into the fields and sell it off to some telemarketer who would then hound that person with call after call trying to get them to buy something or make some donation to some charitable organization.  So instead of entering a real number I just entered a phoney number – something like 555-0555.  It still worked and I got the same cell phone tracker gag that everyone else does.

If you are looking for some cell phone GPS tracking software then I recommend that you take a look around this site and see what your options are.  You won’t get any gags, just solid information about how to track mobile phones for real.  So far, all of our articles are about software solutions that are 100% and that will not cost you a penny to download and install on your phone.  They do not even charge you a subscription to use, but I cannot say that they are free because they all require you to have a data plan with your cell phone provider in order to work properly.  But they are free in every other respect, so take a look around and get your cell phone tracking on!